Equity investment holding company

Restoring the competitiveness of French industrial nuggets

Noe Industries was founded and financed by entrepreneurs and industrialists wishing to make their capital and expertise available to companies and their management. Finally, Noe Industries sets no constraints on its investment horizon within a company, which is established on a case-by-case basis, according to the time required for transformation.


The reindustrialization and preservation of France’s industrial fabric is a real strategic challenge. Many French companies face both structural and cyclical threats.


From an economic point of view, the consequences of the health crisis have multiplied the threats: stoppage or slowdown of several sectors of the economy, spiraling costs of energy, raw materials and international transport, indebtedness sometimes aggravated by the introduction of PGEs, or the end of support measures (government funding of short-time working).


From a structural point of view, France is now too dependent on imports in many industrial sectors. It has also fallen far behind Germany and Italy in developing a network of high-performance SMEs and ETIs.


Against this backdrop, many of France’s industrial nuggets are in a vulnerable position. Noe Industries has set itself the mission, through its financing holding company, of assisting some of them in their transformation and in restoring their competitiveness.

30 M€

Capital available

20 à 100 M€

Sales of targeted companies

6 à 8

Number of planned operations

A regular approach

Trust is the cornerstone of the Noe Industries approach, which promotes a business model that balances the interests of shareholders, customers, employees and partners.

Noe Industries works with companies that are not usually on the radar of traditional investors, due to their size and the complexity of the situation they face: companies incorporated under French law, mainly industrial, independent or subsidiaries of major groups, of medium size (up to €80 million in sales), and facing a delicate financial, legal or shareholder situation.

Noe Industries aims to provide medium-sized companies with the tools and know-how usually reserved for large groups: supply chain and purchasing policy optimization, continuous improvement of industrial efficiency through lean management, implementation of profitability analysis tools, and working capital optimization.