Design and manufacture energy cabinets for urban and telecom networks to protect your sensitive systems and imagine the connected city of tomorrow.


Grolleau is a major player in the digital transformation of infrastructures.

Grolleau specializes in the design and manufacture of metal energy cabinets, shelters and innovative solutions for complex environments.


Grolleau innovates for and with its customers: a commitment and proximity that are its raison d’être. Our innovations are co-constructed or imagined for our customers’ future needs, in partnership with our design office.


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In the midst of digital development, offering a gateway to 5 bordering countries… the Ivory Coast caught Grolleau’s eye for its first international venture. Illustrating our ability to seize opportunities, we have teamed up with a recognized Ivorian player with whom we share a dynamic and common values to create Grolleau Afrique.

French leader in the production of connected pathways since 2011, My Check Experience designs, produces and deploys intelligent connected locker solutions to meet the various usage needs of businesses and local authorities.

TechnoCity is a private laboratory and design office specializing in the development of intelligent solutions based on the Internet of Things (IoT) for city centers. More specifically, its applications concern the development or adaptation of city-center street furniture to promote rational, coordinated use and reduce energy consumption.

Société Nationale des Objets Connectés is a company founded in 2015 located within Technocampus, the totem building of Anjou’s French Tech. The company’s core business is the creation and production of connected object solutions including the Object, the Telecom part and digital services in the Cloud.

OMP MECHTRON is an Italian manufacturer also present in Mexico and China. It manufactures industrial cabins, cabinets and enclosures to protect the sensitive equipment involved in the ecological and energy transition.

Following the creation of Grolleau Afrique, the new UK subsidiary will support our telecom customers in the deployment of fiber optics in the UK.