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Obvious Technologies is developing a new generation of PSIMs for security and critical operations, based on 3D command, control and data visualization.

Ellona provides advanced environmental intelligence solutions, collecting & enriching data on perceived conditions, both outdoors and indoors, for the benefit of decision-makers. These solutions are state-of-the-art, using AI and Edge IoT technologies.

Pioneers in human and economic development, Kinomé advises and supports public and private decision-makers in implementing high-impact development strategies for people and nature.

A whole ecosystem of courtside sales thanks to our connected equipment: Tennis Locker, Racket Locker, Flash Distributor…

As a specialist in energy autonomy and solar energy, Amarelo can help you improve the energy performance of your offices and homes.

Improve your patients’ health by monitoring their vital signs remotely. eDevice is the leading provider of global IoT connectivity solutions.

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