Amarelo: Smart and SaaS for energy transition in the Caribbean, digitalization and distribution for sustainable development.

Optimized back-office

For your sales

Amarelo Digital offers access to Amarelo Sass and Amarelo Marketing & Comms. Together, these offerings enable you to manage your inventory, customers and sales. From purchasing to inventory management to accounting, Amarelo Digital customers are ready to sell in just a few clicks. Access our platform and benefit from our information.

A turnkey store

And geographic expansion

From the website to the launch campaign, Amarelo Digital offers you the opportunity to acquire a White Label and access the Amarelo Marketplace catalog. Become a sustainable player in your region.

Amarelo Marketplace is a distribution solution enabling creators of sustainable technologies to offer their products and services in new territories. The Marketplace solution includes all services linked to the distribution of complex technologies, such as adaptation and marketing of the offer, training of local experts for start-up and after-sales service, stock management and marketing campaigns. Sustainable technologies and services are distributed via our partners and white labels in predefined territories.