With eDevice: improve your patients’ health by monitoring their vital signs remotely.

eDevice is a French company specializing in IoT dedicated to the medical sector. For over 20 years, leaders in the medical field have been integrating eDevice solutions to manage connectivity between their equipment installed in patients’ homes and healthcare professionals. Our solutions have enabled over 500,000 patients worldwide to share their medical data.

Today, eDevice covers the entire chain required for remote monitoring of patients at home, supplying the equipment needed by patients to collect measurements, transmit them to the Cloud, host data and provide web interfaces for data analysis by medical teams.


eDevice is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified.

TwoCan Pulse TM solution

Dedicated to heart failure patients

With its TwoCan Pulse TM solution, eDevice took part in the “ETAPES” home telemonitoring experiment set up by the French Social Security system.


Since July 1, 2023, telemonitoring of heart failure patients has become common law, and our TwoCan Pulse TM solution is reimbursed by Social Security.

  • Simple solution for cardiologists, who can monitor their patients remotely via a web interface
  • Extremely easy to use for the patient
  • No equipment configuration (no Wi-Fi)
  • Automatic retrieval of data from pulse oximeter and scale
  • No need to enter values (weight, etc.)
  • Patients take charge of their disease
  • Relevance of parameters studied for heart failure monitoring: heart rate, oxygen saturation and weight
  • Decision-making algorithm to detect incipient cardiac decompensation

HealthGO solution

For Home Monitoring

HealthGO is a solution that automatically retrieves data from medical devices and transmits it to the Cloud for analysis in remote medical monitoring applications.


The HealthGO solution is fully agnostic, supporting medical devices from a wide range of manufacturers.


Many vital parameters can therefore be supported to cover pathologies such as CHF, diabetes and many others.