Since its establishment in 2016, ELLONA, a French enterprise based in Toulouse, has been steadfast in its commitment to the continuous monitoring of environmental emissions, providing comprehensive solutions for the real-time collection and analysis of this crucial data.

Our cutting-edge solutions feature high-performance technological sensors strategically deployed in diverse environments, be it urban zones, industrial installations, construction sites, airports, or ports. What sets us apart is our capacity to monitor a wide array of environmental parameters in real-time, including air quality, gas emissions, odors, suspended particles, temperature, humidity, noise, vibrations, and light.


Integral to our solutions is a sophisticated data analysis platform that contributes to environmental intelligence. This platform enables the timely detection and prevention of potential risks. Our devices are not only flexible but also customizable to address specific needs, seamlessly bridging the gap between raw data and actionable insights. This capability empowers businesses and communities to take prompt and informed measures when necessary.


ELLONA operates across diverse markets in France and internationally, delivering tailored solutions to businesses and communities, fostering environments that are not only more sustainable and healthier but also energy-efficient, less toxic, and ultimately more productive.


Representing a standardized all-in-one solution, this system is designed for the monitoring and management of the external environment.

It ensures real-time monitoring of various parameters, including air quality, odor detection, gas, and noise. This adaptable technology finds applications in different sectors such as construction, industry, airports, and ports.


This sophisticated indoor environmental monitoring system is engineered to safeguard individual health and enhance the operational efficiency of businesses and communities.

It provides continuous and simultaneous monitoring of multiple sensory parameters, offering insights into indoor issues and risks.


Our environmental intelligence platform harnesses the power of AI and comprehensive databases to measure and recognize environmental parameters.

Offering real-time alerts and automated reports, ELLONASOFT seamlessly integrates with other environmental management systems.