Kinomé means the ‘eye of the tree’ in Japanese. By taking inspiration from the tree, we improve people’s daily lives and give back its place to nature.

For 17 years, we have been providing human-centered solutions to achieve a sustainable and systemic impact.

Since 2005, trees have inspired us and brought us practical solutions to improve the daily life of the greatest number of people possible, in the fields of water access and food quality, health, employment, innovation, resilience and adaptation to climate change, and education. More than 2 million people have already benefited from our project worldwide.


From the life of local populations to global economic strategy: putting humans and nature at the heart of a new development model.


Kinomé has been developing and applying expertise in human evolution and economic development. Kinomé is based on the engineering of Ethical Leadership, a dynamic of evolution and global action created by Edel Gött.

Our challenge: Kinomé is a Kinomé is a social business (ESUS agreement granted by the French administration) founded in 2005 by Nicolas Métro to respond to the global challenge of deforestation by changing the way humans look at nature and themselves, and by creating new models of human and economic development.


Our vision: to create a world where every human being, starting with children, is able to realize their full potential through the preservation, restoration and valorization of nature.


Our purpose: to improve the daily lives of as many people as possible.


Our theory of change: understand, act and grow by natur


Our four missions: Research – Consulting – Projects – Education

Your needs / Our solutions

Human and economic development pioneers

Kinomé helps you design strategies with high environmental and social impact, translate them into concrete projects and implement them effectively on the ground.

  • Corporate strategy for an ecological and climate transition
  • Public policies and adaptation to climate change
  • Identification of investment projects
  • Environmental and social impact assessment
  • Training in soft and hard skills
  • Co-creation and project management