Obvious Technologies is originally a French technology startup, founded in 2019, which has historically developed in the security sector, positioning itself as a pioneer in 3D data visualization, the digital twin and Hypervision and Command & Control solutions.

The fast-growing company now has almost 50 employees and a substantial portfolio of delivered and upcoming projects, notably in the Gulf countries with a regional office based in Dubai, UAE.


In October 2023, Obvious Technologies launches the OODA World brand, whose mission is to simplify the visualization of actionable data, streamline business processes and accelerate decision-making and action for diverse markets and use cases.


OODA World offers the benefits of an open, agnostic data lake, powered by next-generation technologies, an immersive 3D user experience and a broad list of operational features.

OODA World is revolutionizing the traditional market by addressing the past, present and future, targeting strategic, operational and tactical needs, and positioning itself as a value-added ecosystem catalyst for all time-saving organizations.


OODA World comprises three product families – OODA SAFER, for security and safety, OODA IOC, for Intelligent Operations Centers and OODA CITIZEN for Intelligent Cities – and a comprehensive product range to meet the needs of all its customers (critical infrastructure, city, transport, airport, government, major events, campuses … ) and use cases – OODA PSIM, OODA ACTIONS, OODA AGENZ, OODA ANALYTICS, OODA ACTIONABLE and OODA SERVICEZ.

The solutions we propose

Understand for better action

Our cutting-edge solutions are designed to energize individuals and organizations, guaranteeing not only optimal decisions but also ultra-fast execution. Whether in business or in everyday life, we set the new global benchmark for decision-making and action in the modern era.

  • The OODA software suite
  • Innovation and R&D
  • Ecosystem facilitator